John Stone  composer



‘Daybreak in Alabama’: A Triumph

Daybreak in Alabama envisions a world where all races live in peace and harmony. Amy Bartram sings Stones setting with all the brightness of hope shining through. Stone is a great pianist, as well as composer. The works vary in tempo, but the style is Johns own. It is a remarkable style, shifting effortlessly from light to somber depending on the theme. John performs exquisitely, with sure command of the correlation of music and poetry. Georgia Dusk, a dark memory of a lynching, evokes the coming night, Veiling what the darkness hides. Ms. Bartram makes us feel the tragedy that took place in bright sunlight. Now as night descends, there is only the memory and the horrible evidence of the afternoon. April Rain Song is a great audience pleaser. We respond eagerly to the line, Let the rain kiss you. Stone and Bartram together make us exult the line, And I love the rain.
-Kenneth P. Neilson (From a review in The Culvert Chronicles, 2009)

“Most of the sketches are musical, with rollicking tunes that John Stone, the composer, plays on an electric keyboard.” 

-Laurel Graeber, The New York Times (2014)

“As always, the music composed by John Stone, her invaluable collaborator, provided just the right blend of evocative melody and nutty dissonances.”

-Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times (2002)

“The whimsical, playful music of Pineapple Soup! was created by composer John Stone.”

-Kara Mayer Robinson, The Record (2005)

“Ariane Anthony has always approached text and narrative in thoughtful and unusual ways. Her latest and most ambitious piece, Do I Dare?, set to a very effective score by John Stone…”

 -Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice (2004)

“Though Anthony’s portrait of Prufrock is precisely drawn through symbolic gestures, Bill Irwinesque clowning techniques, and eccentric dancing, her portrayal of the role is keenly enhanced by John Stone’s musical score, in which one clearly ‘hears’ every ache and befuddlement of Prufrock’s pitiable personality.”

 -Lisa Jo Sogolla, Backstage (2004)

“Both ‘Seeing I’ and ‘Why Imagine Golden Birds?’ are set to scores by John Stone that have all the quiet eccentricity and evocativeness of the choreography.” 

-Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times (2000)

“Anthony’s recent showing of works at The Construction Company was richly enhanced by gifted composer John Stone, who not only created energizingly atmospheric music for each dance piece, but also composed piquant art songs that were performed as entr’acte offerings. Anthony and Stone are intellectual artists. Their collaborations are inspired by close readings of poetic literature and find their vitality in celebrating cerebral enterprise.” 

-Lisa Jo Sagolla, Back Stage (2000)


...heartbreakingly exhilarating music of utterly arresting beauty.

-Prof. Mitch Miller, Vassar College (2006)

​​John is a gifted composer and performer with a superb sense of how to make music that brings new life and power to a film. Among his many gifts is his unusual versatility – he is able to create extraordinary music across the spectrum of genres and styles. John is also a very generous collaborator, totally focused on what’s best for the film – and he’s great fun to work with!

-Alister Sanderson (Producer/Director/Filmmaker, Professor in Communications Arts, Marymount Manhattan College)

“John Stone has an amazing and varied output. At last a composer has come along who has not forgotten how to write deeply communicative and haunting melodies. And he accompanies his songs with consummate pianistic control.”
-Seymour Bernstein, subject of the 2015 documentary, Seymour: An Introduction

John Stone is a composer, pianist and writer. His musical styles and influences range from ragtime to Romantic, from Baroque to Klezmer, from jazz to minimalism. He is truly an inspiring collaborator who is flexible, inventive, insightful and playful in his approach to creating music for theater, dance and film. John is tireless and throws all of his energy into whatever project he undertakes. He has a deep and extensive knowledge of literature, film, music and philosophy. If you are looking for a composer for a film, play, or dance, I can think of no one to recommend more highly. He is able to create anything you can imagine and much more. And he is able to work very quickly. Writing and music flow from his mind like water.”​
-Ariane Anthony (Dancer/Actor/Choreographer, Artistic Director of Ariane Anthony & Company)