John Stone  composer

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The audio and video samples below feature my music, but these were all highly collaborative endeavors, so I must give due credit to the cast. As a team, we worked on ideas for individual pieces and shows, and many elements, including the music, were shaped in that imaginative factory. The cast members represented on these samples are Ted Brackett (our Artistic Director), Laura Canty-Samuel, Amy Walsh, and Kevin Richard Woodall (our resident choreographer).

Ever since my piano lessons at age three with the irrepressibly witty and mirthful teacher, Paul Sheftel, humor has been a vital ingredient in much of the music I listen to and write. As Music Director of The Paper Bag Players, America’s longest-running children’s theater company, I’ve been composing music and performing it on stage in over 120 shows a year since 2003. I was a huge fan of the Bags as a child, though never imagined I’d one day be a part of the company’s long and fruitful tradition. It has been a great delight to have the opportunity – in a 1,000 shows and counting – to help make children laugh, shout, dance and sing.